Jamberry Nails Review

In case you haven’t noticed, the latest and craziest (if you ask me) obsession in the fashion world is nail art.
People are insane with the things that they design on the world’s tiniest canvas.
I admire them, I really do, but I haven’t the luxury of time, patience, or a steady hand in order to partake in this trend.  
Thank goodness for companies like Jamberry Nails, eh?  For those of us who absolutely cannot paint their nails to save their lives?  Surely I’m not alone…
If you’re interested in what Jamberry Nails can do you for you, in terms of beginning a career with the successful company, I urge you to contact Dawn Clark via the above link or through her face book page www.facebook.com/pdawncjams.  
If you’re interested in what Jamberry Nails can do for your tired, boring, somehwat chewed up nails, I urge you to check out the photos below.

Step one: collect the necessary tools- scissors, a hair dryer, a file, a cuticle pusher, and alcohol pad, and your choice of Jamberry Nail design.

Clean your nails with the alcohol pad and push back your cuticles.

Step two: decide which size you need for which nail (each “sticker” is enough for two nails, there are two rows of varied sized “stickers”) and heat with the dryer for a few seconds.  Apply to nail, secure edges with cuticle pusher, and snip off any excess.

Step three: file, with downward motion, the ends of your nails to eliminate any of the excess sticker the scissors left behind.  Blast it once more for a few seconds and presto, your nail is decorated.


I was sent a green feather design to try out, which looks sort of camo from afar.  It actually worked better than I had expected, and once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy to apply.

And remember, this is coming from someone who does not paint her nails ever because she basically can’t without getting polish down to her knuckles.

Final thoughts?  You still need to like doing nails to like doing these.  Though it was less messy, less time consuming, and less precise than drawing those feathers on by hand… it still was more time than I like to devote, and more precise than I like to be.  That being said, I know there are tons of YOU out there who actually love the process of doing your nails.  To those of you, I think you should check these out.

They’re legit.  They’ve been featured in renowned magazines such as Marie Claire and Nylon.  So what are you waiting for?

What’s more?  Independent consultant Dawn Clark is hostessing an online party, where you can earn yourself entries to be drawn for host rewards on October 31st (think freebies)!  Wanna know more about that?  Go here.

Questions about my application?  Leave ‘em in the comments.  Questions about anything else, contact Dawn!  

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