Go!Sac Review and Giveaway

As promised, I wanted to keep you busy with a little giveaway…it might not be all that fashionable, but you can’t argue that it’s not functional!
And who doesn’t want something handy and practical?
So, if you’re like me, then you never really had a true diaper bag.  I was adamant that I could fit everything I needed into an over sized purse. 
 Fashion over function.
And I did okay…until the babe grew and our outings went from a run to the store to a morning at the park or an afternoon on the beach, and I realized I didn’t want my Steve Madden over sized bag to have grass stains on it or end up full of sand.
Thank goodness for Go!Sac products, which are created to be functional and durable.  And when you’re done with them?  They are created to all but disappear…
Case in point…last week, the hubs and I went on a date (for the first time in months…MONTHS…I might add) and when I needed to pack up my girl’s necessities to spend a few hours with the sitter, I immediately reached for my carry all.  
It had been stored neatly.  That’s saying a lot considering our house is currently in disarray.  But there it lay, cute, compact, taking up a mere five inches of space.
But when I opened it and began shoving just the “must haves” inside, I was astounded by the amount of room it had inside.  We went from just needing her dinner, jammies, and diapers, to her dinner, jammies, diapers, two stuffed animals, a blankie, a favorite book, a couple of toys, and the ipad on which she could watch her beloved “turtles”.
It all fit. 
And there was room to spare.
Don’t take my word for it, get your own and test it out.  I can tell you this, the design is simple and meant to fulfill a need.  Plus, I wouldn’t hesitate to drag this bad boy to any number of ourdoor locations…knowing it would last and hold all of my many “gotta have” items.
Not a fan of the carry all design?
How about the backpack?
Or is the duffel bag more your style?
Or maybe it’s the tote that your after?
Whichever your personal style may be, the choice is yours… shape, color, you pick.  All you have to do to win it is enter in the giveaway.
So, what are you waiting for?

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