High Heeled Mama is RE-BRANDING

It's finally happened…I've grown out of my own shoes.
And I loved these shoes.
Ultimately, though, it's time for HHM to make the transition to a new title, a new domain, and a new way of posting.  My hope is to do this as smoothly as possible, and without losing the interest of my faithful friends and followers who have supported HHM all along!
It has meant so much to me, this little blog of mine, but after a year of working on my “blogging voice” and exploring my own creativity, I've decided that the shoe just no longer fits.
And for once, I'm not going to cram my foot in to wear it!
Here's the thing…I wanted us all to make a fresh start together.  I wanted my move to coincide with the web change, and I wanted a seamless transition with minimal effort.
Yea right.
I'm already a week behind on my new blog's debut and not a step closer, either.
Well, maybe a step.  I have purchased a new domain, and decided on the new title.  Wanna know what it is?  Patience, my dears.
Anyways, it's not like I haven't been thinking, planning, photographing, and writing bloggy things…I just have no place to post them at the moment.  They wouldn't fit in here on this page…and I want the new page to start with enough material to really showcase it's fresh appeal, and hopefully make y'all wanna come along for the ride.
Okay, so what's the name?  I'll give you a hint, I've said the phrase multiple times on here (and even more so in my real life), and I pretty much live the phrase twice a week.  
Third Day Hair
It's exactly what it needs to be.  Unique.  Catchy.  Personal to me and my life.   
Soon, soon I'll have a blog site for you to visit for all the fashion, creativity, and art you can handle.  For now?  How about if I satisfy you with some before and after shots of the new crib?  Maybe some updates on the who's who and what's what in the daily happenings around here?
Thanks so much for your patience and support.  I hope to continue seeing your bright and shining faces around here, around there…basically anywhere!

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