Before And After: Kitchen

To the dismay of some of you, I was adamant that I not show after pictures of the house without first showing the befores.
I also didn’t want to show the befores without having any afters.
So, after working diligently for just over two weeks, among many other little projects within the house, the kitchen is the first room completely finished.
Sure, there’s always more to do…but for right now?  It. Is. Done.
Thanks to my dad in law and awesome hubby, all three light fixtures were replaced, an over-the-stove microwave was added, appliances were installed, the sink was swapped out, the faucet is brand spanking new, and even the door knobs were all changed out.
Here she is, kids, my pride and joy…the center of our home!
Before and After…side by side for a full visual comparison in all of their unedited glory!!:
And now, just the afters if you please:
 Decorations wise, there’s still lots to do.  In fact, I haven’t even unpacked most of our wall decor…for any of the rooms!  But as far as this chaotic house and long moving in process goes?  Kitchen. Is. Done!!!
Watchya think?
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