Third Day Hair Social Media and Debute

You already know it’s happening, but I’m here to make it official.
High Heeled Mama is turning over to Third Day Hair…this Monday!  That’s just a few short days away (can you even take the excitement?), at which time a redirect will be put into place to guide all of my lovelies (that’s you!) to the new space.
I surely hope to see you all there!  
If you follow me on any of my social media (please do!), then you may already know that I’ve done some switching over and renaming… twitter, instagram, pinterest, and facebook will all be called Third Day Hair now, as well as Bloglovin’.
Don’t follow me yet?  No problem…the new site will make it easy to do so with icons at the top of the page.  But in case you’re as eager as I am, you can do so here….now…
Check it out:
((Please note…facebook has yet to change the title, it will be corrected in just under two weeks…and pinterest has yet to have any boards created, but will be creating some awesome follow worthy stuff this weekend))
So go ahead and click through and follow all and I will see you again Monday morning on a new site with a fresh take…
Happy weekend lovelies!! you visit, don’t judge…it’s still a work in progress.  The new posts will be live Monday the 25th.  I am including this address to ensure that all my bloglovin’ followers can follow me there, too, when the time comes!))

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